Primus Physical Therapy, Stone Ridge VA

The strong, bold design is evident in this buildout for Primus Physical Therapy and Van Metre Investments by ACG. In this multi-stage project, smooth execution was key in order to achieve great results for the client’s finished space.

This location for Primus Physical Therapy features a whole office including a reception area, multiple treatment rooms, breakroom for employees, and an open gym for patients. ACG understands the need to maximize and optimize the layout of a space, which is why a pocket door was utilized for areas such as the treatment rooms.

Tricky to get right, but when done correctly, pocket doors will operate smoothly and help open up the layout of the space.

From restaurants to dry cleaners, Orthopaedical centers to Data centers, ACG has completed a large variety of tenant build-outs. Now we can add physical therapy offices to our growing list of project expertise.